Alexander Technique

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“I have found the Alexander Technique beneficial in various ways including improving my posture, my breathing and my general overall well-being and find that regularly attending sessions helps to maintain my overall feeling of wellness!” Claire, GP

“It was in the context of chronic back problems and recent spinal surgery that I first went to see Colin. What he has taught me has played a significant role in my recovery and I feel very grateful to have found such an experienced and committed Alexander teacher.” Liam, Psychologist

“I first became aware of the Alexander Technique about 11 years ago after being thrown from a horse and breaking my back. Although I was lucky and was up and about again 3 months and a plaster corset later, I was still sore and very aware of my bad posture as this made my back worse. Some 7 years later I was in the early stages of pregnancy and my sister mentioned she had started going for Alexander Technique Lessons (having had back problems of a different kind for a long time). I was keen for a natural active birth and very aware that although my back was much better, that as my pregnancy progressed it would be put under some stress, and I did not want things to deteriorate. I contacted Colin and started my first lessons. My pregnancy progressed without problem and I learnt techniques that I knew would be helpful in labour. 6 months later I gave birth to my son in a birthing pool with gas and air and no back pain!! My lessons have continued to help with my back and also other aspects of my posture I had previously been unaware of. I have also found them to be of great help in improving my horse riding posture- I am achieving things now that I didn’t manage in 20 odd years of riding school lessons. So for me, the Alexander Technique has helped many aspects of life so far and I have no doubt it will continue to do so.” Janet, Doctor

“After experiencing moderate back pain for many years, I recently suffered two prolapsed discs in my neck which left me with severe pain due to pressure on the spinal cord. Hospital consultants diagnosed osteoarthritis, gave me little hope of any major improvement, prescribed me very strong painkillers and recommended I gave up going to the gym. I had reached an all-time low. Fortunately, a sports therapist I had visited recommended trying some ‘Alexander’ lessons and after consulting the STAT list on the internet, I rang Colin and began lessons straight away.   Not having done a huge amount of research, I had no idea what to expect and was slightly bemused at first with the ideas and principles involved. Getting my head around ‘not doing the wrong thing’ was contrary to my way of working, but for the first time I felt that I was able to take a proactive rather than a passive approach. I could at last( with Colin’s guidance) ‘help myself’. I was very surprised at how quickly things started to change! I stopped taking painkillers and have become almost pain-free for the first time in many years. I have begun to learn to be more aware of what my own body is doing. Stressful situations have become easier to cope with and I have more energy, enthusiasm and confidence. I feel taller, more graceful and calm. After agreeing with the consultant’s recommendation that I shouldn’t go back to the gym, Colin was also able to help me continue exercising by improving my swimming skills using Alexander principles. This has meant lessons learning and relearning strokes, which I’ve really enjoyed, despite having to do ‘homework’ in my local pool!   I still find some of Alexander’s ideas ‘challenging’ to say the least, but am now keen to explore further this technique which has begun to influence for the better all aspects of my life.” Janet, Primary School Teacher