Alexander Technique

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Colin Beattie

M.STAT, BSc.(Soc.Sc.)

I first took lessons in the Alexander Technique back in 1995 because of a painful back and problems with balance and co-ordination. I moved to London in 1998 to begin a three year full time training as an Alexander Technique teacher at The Constructive Teaching Centre and qualified in 2001. I have since taught in private practice  in London, Hitchin and Belfast as a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. I now work mostly from home, in Drumbeg near Belfast and Lisburn, and give classes and introductory workshops in the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast.

Like all disciplines the Alexander Technique is an ongoing process of discovery and I have worked with many experienced teachers over the years to refine my understanding of Alexander’s principles. I have been especially influenced by the work of John Nicholls with whom I have studied over many years and more recently by that of Jessica Wolf whose postgraduate training in the art of breathing I completed in 2017.

I am also a qualified swimming teacher and a member of Swim Ireland, the main professional body in Ireland. I was a competitive swimmer for Ulster and Ireland and have been teaching swimming since 1994 and have experience of a range of teaching methods. I trained and taught for several years with Steven and Limor Shaw, the originators of the Shaw Method of Swimming, a system that applies the principles of the Alexander Technique to swimming. I have visited several Alexander Technique training courses to give swimming workshops and gave a weekly swimming class for The Constructive Teaching Centre for a number of years. I am currently looking for nice warm pools in which to give lessons. Please let me know if you know a good venue.