Alexander Technique

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Suggested reading

Alexander, Frederick Matthias. The Use of the Self (London: Victor Gollancz, 1985)
Alexander’s long, heavily punctuated sentences have not endeared him to some readers but this is invaluable reading for the man’s own account of what he discovered, how he did it and how he thought you might discover it too. Especially the chapter ‘Evolution of a Technique’.

Barlow, Wilfred. The Alexander Principle (London: Victor Gollancz, 1990)
Barlow’s book is a useful introduction to the Technique from a man who was a student of Alexander, an Alexander teacher and a doctor specializing in rheumatic diseases. ‘ A book that contains much common sense and advice, colourfully expressed, from which few could fail to gain.’ British Medical Journal.

Gelb, Michael. Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique (New York: Henry Holt & Company, 1995)
Simple, clear introduction from Alexander Teacher, learning consultant and business guru.

Gelb, Michael, and Buzan, Tony. Lessons from the Art of Juggling: How to Achieve Your Full Potential in Business, Learning and Life (New York: Harmony Books, 1994)
Explore your habitual responses in the process of learning something new and learn how to juggle into the bargain

Langford, Elizabeth. Mind and Muscle: an owner’s handbook(Louvain (Belgium): Garant, 1999)
The instruction manual that we should have been given with ourselves. What not to do and how not to do it.

Maisel, Edward, ed. The Alexander Technique: The Essential Writings of F. Matthias Alexander (New York: University Books, Carol Communications, 1989)
Enjoyable introduction and critique of the man and his work from former director of the American Physical Fitness Research Institute.

McCallion, Michael. The Voice Book (London: Faber & Faber,1998)
Excellent book from one of the world’s leading voice teachers on how to use your voice to your full capabilities without damaging yourself.