Alexander Technique

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How do I learn?

I offer one to one lessons or private small groups at my home in Drumbeg. I charge £50 for a lesson lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Private group classes at my practice in Drumbeg cost £80 per hour with the cost shared among the group (maximum of six people).

I also give groups and/or  private lessons to businesses.  Please email or call to arrange an appointment.

How many classes will I need?

F.M. Alexander’s preferred method of teaching was to give a lesson each day for 5 or 6 weeks but since this is not an option for most people because of constraints of time and/or money, we can discuss the number, frequency and type of lesson that will suit you best. Lessons are usually most effective on a one to one basis because the teaching consists of gentle manual guidance combined with personalised verbal instruction. This allows the lesson to be tailored to your individual needs. It is also more effective to take a number of classes, our professional association STAT recommends 20 to 30, the first sessions preferably taken closer together.

Having said this most people will notice improvements within the first few lessons and in a study in published in the British Medical Journal in 2008, people with chronic lower back pain were shown to be in less pain with improved quality of life after only six lessons, a year after having had the lessons. The most important factor is how much time and energy you can give to applying the technique in your daily life between and after classes.

“The Alexander Technique involves an awakened sense of muscles and how we use them. No amount of writing and talking about it can substitute for direct experience.”

Dr. David Garlick BSc (Med), MB, BS, PhD, Medical Scientist